Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fiat Topolino - Saab V4 Powered?

The earliest version of the Topo was powered by a Saab V4. Since Jack has built a couple hundred of these little engines, it made perfect sense. It is an extremely compact design, and when it isn't hiding under the hood of a Sonett, it can house some respectable cross-ram Webers.

Cross-ram intake manifold featuring twin Weber DCOE carbs:

Saab V4 mated to Fiat 124 5-spd trans:

More details showing the cross-ram Weber setup:

And along came a twin cam. About this time, Jack took possession of a low-mileage Fiat 2000 Spider that had been smacked in the butt. So after a bit of measuring, deep introspection, Jack decided the little Topo should be powered by a hot rod 2L Twin Cam:

Ultimately, this setup has proven less costly, far easier to make work, and possibly even more powerful given similar carb setups.

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