Friday, September 24, 2010

Swift and Swift II - 3-wheeled Sportster

Over the years, Jack has designed several small 3-wheeled runabouts, including the two shown here. The Swift and Swift II are very similar ideas, featuring a FWD powerplant and a single rear wheel.

Not your typical assembly line:

With a very non-typical assembly line worker:

The Swift Spyder features an open top:

Swift II appears to be a smaller 600cc powered machine:

A man and his pipe:

Cleaver packaging and rear suspension detail:

Despite being a small sportser, Jack ensures it can still haul its fair share of cargo:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Super Squid Micro Car

If the Honda 600cc powered "Sandstar" isn't quite compact enough, Jack developed the "Super Squid." As seen on the pages below, the Super Squid is designed to fit inside a fat-bellied aircraft, to be used as a run about after flying in for a weekend getaway.

Small 2-stroke motorcycle engine provides motivation:

Aircraft like flights controls are used:

Foam and fiberglass doors attach to steel framework structure:

More details of the framework, and simple trailing arm front suspension:

For the man who has everything, including a pipe.

Sandstar City Car

A small city car to tow behind your Hanomag Camper, Jack designs the Sandstar around Honda 600 mechanicals. During this time period, Jack had several Honda 600s, including a few of the little goofy looking Z Coupes.

A full page of shape studies:

Details for a hidden connection for the tow bar, and a dashboard layout featuring center mounted gauges:

Large rear engine cover lifts to reveal powerful Honda 600 engine:

The outside shape continues to evolve, and an interior door panel design appears:

Numerous headlight options:

Modular seats feature fiberglass panels and upholstered slip-on covers:

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Have I mentioned that Jack is a pilot? How about the fact he's been actively involved in the design and documentation of several experimental aircraft? In this case, the Shrike is pure fiction, but a pretty solid concept featuring a pusher prop and a 250hp Rotary powerplant, tucked inside a composite frame/body:

Saab Sleeper

For when you have one too many Saab 96 sedans in the yard, and you want to go camping, Jack presents this "Saab Sleeper." Note the rear door doubles as an awning, and the sleeping area fits a full-size bearded man.

Subaru Powered Tractor

Any true Subaru enthusiast should have at least one Subaru powered Tractor. Here is one such concept.

The "Squirt" is powered by an 1,800cc Subaru engine:

Complete with AWD drivetrain:

I would think this would be more than capable of handling your typical yard debris.

Polliwagen Trailer Design

In case you were wondering how to transport your Polliwagen aircraft (besides flying it) Jack has a solution for you.

Polliwagens feature removable wings:

Which make them "easier" to transport via a custom designed enclosed trailer:

Chicks dig trailers:

Frame details, using a modified Saab 95/96/97 rear axle:

More details:

Ramp and floor details:

There you have it. An ingenious way to transport your light aircraft behind what appears to be a small hatchback.

Quick-Change Hatch/Truck/Sedan/Camper Concept

Many of Jack's concepts include many "modular" elements, as shown in this example. A platform that can quickly be changed from a hot hatch to a camper, thanks to a quick disconnect chassis system:

Quick change couplers with integrated roll cage structure:

Datsun 1200 - Guilding of the Nerd

What happens when you have a Datsun 1200 Coupe, a few glasses of wine, and some spare time? Five pages of commentary and redesign of a car most readers have never seen before.

Quick tip: Always check out the license plates:

Technical specifications make a modern Honda Fit look like a sportscar:

Multiple rear end treatments:

Love the comments about "small Buicks":

Yes, Lee Iacocoa would indeed shit if he ever saw this hot rod Datsun:

NSU Sport Prinz "Butt Lift"

Ever had an NSU Sport Prinz hanging about the garage, and wondered how you could improve its looks? Well that apparently happened on March 19th, 1982, as Jack sketched up a rear valence panel to help clean up the lines of this Bertone designed jewel.


Rainy January days in Southern Oregon can make a man crazy. Crazy enough to dream up a low slung sports racer called the Sabre, featuring a small displacement motorcycle engine, and a low drag closed body.

All that's missing are the D-Sports Racing class numbers on the side.


Over the course of 10 days in mid December, 1981, Jack sketched up small sporty hatch called the Scorpion.

Highly supportive seats with adjustable bolsters:

Compact transverse front engine layout:

Hot rod 1,200cc 3-cylinder engine:

Simple lever controls for doors, vents, and windows:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rally Saabs!

Since Jack is a verified Saab fanatic, you'll find many of the sketches in his books deal with vintage Saabs, usually Sonetts and 96 V4 sedans. He starts sketchbook #1 in the spring of 1975, with a couple motorsports themes, including this 96 Rally Car in action:

And this Sonett III taking to a loose surface rally stage: