Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fiat Topolino Introduction

Starting in 1996, Jack began a series of sketch's on his new Fiat Topolino project. Unlike most of his skethbook pages, this project is real. In fact, Jack is likely sketching up new ideas as he works to complete this little car.

For a better idea on where this little project currently sits, I've posted some info on my blog, here.

Because this project is spread out over multiple sketchbooks, it will be hard to organize. So I've decided to break it out into some common themes, such as exterior design, dashboards, or mechanical items. This initial post features the earliest exterior design sketches from book #4.

Very first sketch of the Topo:

Rear view showing folding fabric top, covered spare, and luggage rack:

Early grille designs featuring driving lights and faired in headlights:

Squatty look with fuller fenders and fat wheels/tires:

More side and rear details:

Note "V4" logo, as this car was originally intended to use Saab V4 engine:

Much rounder fender profiles in this side view:

More rear details:

Larger, fuller fenders tied together with a running board:


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