Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saab Sonett "4" Targa

There are a bunch of sketches in Jack's books featuring Saab Sonetts, including this modified Sonett III. In this design, Jack modifies the greenhouse area and roof to create a targa top, some speed bumps resembling a pair of headrests, and a wrap around rear deck wing.

Side profile shows a new rear half design, and the roofless structure. Bottom sketch shows a novel removable rear window and the targa top:

Closeup view of targa roof and rear window area. Notice the rear fender spats.

A roofless Sonett is actually one of the "easier" modifications to make, as the fiberglass body isn't part of the car's structure. Maybe if Jack didn't appreciate Fiat's 124 Spider so much, he would have created a topless Sonett.

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